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Late edit?

"Please excuse this picture. But do you understand what it means?"

Someone is not very happy about something? I am lost on that one

I put that in my last response as a late addition, so you may have missed it.

"Did you ever tell me what that picture that I sent the missing link was all about?"

Venezuela is where Hugo Chavez has somehow become The Benevolent Dictator. The person in the picture may be mad at Alex Jones? Alex does not have many (or any) nice things to say about Hugo Chavez.

"What should be the punishment of a man who rapes his daughter?"

If I were on a Jury and I had the power to discover all the discoveries I demanded, then I'd be especially keen to know the mother and daughters viewpoints on that crime. Jury duty is not easy.

Funny you should ask this question since I had another skit all played for my daughter and her boyfriend. The idea struck me as there was another visitor in the house and for some reason I thought about that person scoping out our house for things to steal later on. Not a big deal, not much to steal.

So I had this theater idea with my daughter catching a burglar in the house and her part in the play goes something like this:

D (daughter)
"Hey, you had better get out of here."

B (bad guy) Startled by my daughter as the bad guy is now caught red handed.
"You and what army (expletive) are going to do anything about it (expletive)?"

"I'm trying to be generous. Take whatever you want but get out now."

"Did you call the police?"

"You better hope the police catch you. When my my mom finds out she will tell her brother and about 20 guys are going to find you, and you are not going to like about 4 hours of your life after that point. So get along, and enjoy what you stole, take anything."

"I said did you call the police (expletive)?"

"The movie file I just took is now on the internet, for all to see."

"What if I just take you (expletive)?"

"Well then my best advice to you is to kill me and then yourself when you are done because my dad will step in then and you will live as long as I have lived and you won't like each second of that remaining part of your life, so you better kill me, and if you are then too much of a coward to kill yourself, then you will live 18 more years, my dad will make sure you live that much longer. If you don't kill me, then you live longer than 18 years after you are done with me, and he finds you, after my uncle is done with you."

"Big talker (expletive) is that all you got?"

"No, not at all, my mom is worse than my uncle and my dad, and there is more."

"What is that (expletive)?"

"After you are dead."

"the neocons, the dems, or Farrakhan and his followers.

Choose wisely.

That is what I like: choices. I'm pretty sure that you can invent a few better ones.