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I haven't seen enough to tell me he's anti constitution, or anti-fundamental liberty.. seems to me he wants them both, and his complaint is, he's never had them. He's saying, if your black and have a gun, you're going to jail. Being prisons are a majority of people of color, what he's saying could be true. I haven't seen enough when it comes to actually understanding.. he's very long winded and speaks in parables.. loops into story after the next.. wraps them together in very clever patterns..

Choose whatever door or amendment you like, suit yourself. Do what YOU want. Insult me as if that's winning a debate.. it's how you who exposes yourself. I'm all for the constitution and bill of rights, not just some amendments over others. Personally, if I had the power, I would not move to disarm you and don't agree with the government using arms threats as a means to destroy the rest of the constitution.