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I'm not so sure.

Now that you have explained this:

"When I think of "To" use without pre-judging, I think of using something without considering how it is to be used. i.e. using a hammer for a screw driver. Sure, one could use a hammer in place of a screwdriver, but isn't it better to use a screwdriver on a screw and a hammer on a nail?"

After I read that I'm not so sure about what I was thinking with "To use without prejudice." or "To be used without prejudice."

I know my thinking was that "anyone can use it" without anyone picking who can or who cannot use it.

There is that thing.


Right there.

Oh, that thing.

Yea that thing.

Who can use it?

That is not my job.

I can use it?

Sure, give it a try.

Why is it there?

I don't know, why don't we find out?