Comment: There's more issues here than

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There's more issues here than

There's more issues here than just taxation. Imagine if tomorrow, in a single act, there was a 100% tax rate.

What about your state or municipal taxes?
-They'd go unpaid. And even if state tax made a full exemption for federal tax, now you have a case of the states receiving zero income tax revenue.
-Property taxes would also go unpaid.

What about existing contracts?
-With essentially no new income, essentially loans would be unpayable and would enter default.
-Employment contracts would also be reneged, because people tend to stop working when they stop getting paid.

What about what's already out there?
-Is the government going to confiscate your personal or real possessions? If they do, do they realize that all too many (knowing that confiscation is imminent) will bug-in and shoot back against invaders?
-And through this, how do you deal with the deaths of LEOs? Do you recruit new LEOs or, when the existing ones are killed, do you start drafting people? And if you draft them, how do you differentiate between a possible rebel and a loyal officer?

Look, it's a bad idea. You will end up with extralegal organizations (gangs, cartels, rebelling militias, treasonous military units, etc). Maybe that's better than a slowly expanding State, but it's the path to disaster for the rest of us. Power corrupts, and those that seek power are disproportionately abusers of power.