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The person in the picture is supposedly being interviewed by

Alex Jones on a different occasion:

If you go to that link, you will see where I am asking about who the person in the picture is. But you will see the OP has the interview of Alex Jones with this "Tech" guy. His name is Tech. I don't know anything about him.

I am seeing red. First there is a big todo about David Duke. Now here is Farrakhan in this post being promoted, or not.

And supposedly on the front of the DP was AJ interviewing Tech who the person commenting to me truefictions says is not on the same page as Friends of Liberty.

The only reason I found this is because of your comment to truefictions: where he put up a post in competition with the AJ post regarding this Tech guy.

So, this Tech guy is for some reason holding a placard about Venezuala and shooting the finger and while wearing a shirt with Che Guaverra pasted over an upsidedown American flag.

I am trying to connect dots. I am trying to make sense out of all of this. Why David Duke, why Farrakhan, why Che Guevera and why did you post a Hugo Chavez link? Nosey aren't I? You know how bears are. I hear the stick their noses in the garbage dump all the time.

I want to know better.