Comment: This is all false. The

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This is all false. The

This is all false. The Government's role in capitalist economy is ZERO. The corporation is a CREATION of government. It does not exist in the FREE MARKET. 650 Trillion in derivatives could not be exist without government REGULATION. The Corporation is created by government as a "legal" person. Many of these legal persons have been convicted of many felonies, yet no man nor woman serves any kind of punishment for the deeds of the Corporation. This is the "privilege and immunities" of the US person incorporated. Fines become the cost of doing business. If derivatives collapse, the corporation looses. But the individuals walk away unscathed. Without the regulations created concerning Corporations none of this would be possible. Few individuals would not subject themselves to the risk of serving time for committing a felony, yet under the corporate protections they fear not. The 650 trillion derivatives could not exist without the regulations that create corporations, therefore the derivatives are the RESULT of regulation. More regulation is not the answer to regulation. Further regulation will only serve the money interest, which is who the original regulation was created for to begin with.

You see none of these problems in the Animal world. The strong eat the weak in nature which is the means for survival. The strong in human society do not dominate the weak as a means of survival, but simply as a desire for dominance. IN nature dominance creates a balance, in man's society dominance destroys balance.

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