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You are on to something but...

Americans are in something of a loop. The revolutionary generation was duped into accepting a major advancement of central authority based upon the secret deliberations of a well-born few.

This is a true statement.

"This Constitution for the United States of America was established and ratified legally by the power of the Articles of Confederation Article X.
The committee of the states, or any nine of them, shall be authorized to execute, in the recess of congress, such of the powers of congress as the united states in congress assembled, by the consent of nine states, shall from time to time think expedient to vest them with; provided that no power be delegated to the said committee, for the exercise of which, by the articles of confederation, the voice of nine states in the congress of the united states assembled is requisite.

Now what I ask you to do is go and study the Northwest Ordinance 13 July 1787 written as Organic Law while the secret Constitutional convention convened, this was the coup and it was done legally but hidden in plain sight to ignorant America revolutionaries.

"This union" of "this Constitution" was the permanent government for the temporary territorial government.

Of course The Articles of Confederation have never been repealed and are still valid law.