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100% Right...

You shouldn't buy it if you're not happy with their practices. But I think you're missing the OP's point. His point is that the way Apple runs their business, it would seem foolish to him (and to me) for a Libertarian-minded individual to buy into their practices. However, the OP isn't taking a stand to bring down Apple or anything because they are unfair. He's simply ranting that he makes a comment about not wanting to install Apple's bloatware, and a bunch of Libertarian-minded individuals, whom you would think would be all about OSS and free and open information, put their Apple fan-boy status first and downvote him.

I don't really care if Apple stays open for eternity. That's the free market at work. But IMO, they do operate as a "nanny state" tech company and because of that, they never have and never will get my business.

++1 to OP