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"Does it matter if the lade

"Does it matter if the lade you speak of learns of Agenda 21 through the original author, Glenn Beck, or you?"

Not at all :-) But again, there is doubt as to whether he actually wrote that book. I was actually thrilled that the nice lady actually knew about it. Hopefully with the influence that she and her husband have, they will help get the message out there. Still, it is heavy democrat here, so anything that would oppose A21 would more than likely not come to fruition. Ohio, on the other hand, is making great strides :-)

There are areas where I work and promote specific issues, but there are other areas where I focus my attention elsewhere, based upon demographics. It is difficult and exhausting, and though very doubtful, I hope that someday it will pay off.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul