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Since Velveeta Underground so kindly asked below

Since Velveeta Underground so kindly asked below - regarding the phrasing of my points.

If there is anything to improve in the software industry or I.T. in general - I can see the main one (that cronyism DOES encompasses, but seemingly many people STILL fail to see it as evident as I do):

Software patents.


Their idea is morally, rationally... INDEFENSIBLE, for many reasons, one of which is that NOBODY has ever been able to define THEIR SCOPE precisely - including all the law makers so far.

This is A FACT.

Hence: perverted Laws. IN ESSENCE. Hence: CRONYISM hazards, evidently.

THAT would be a nice first step to remove THE BRAKES on innovation in that industry and its satellites.

I don't care for a second about Apple Inc. or any other big player who takes advantage of software patents to trick the fair competition principles - they would be IDIOTS not to try, duh.

Anything else?


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