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I thought of it as learning

My primary goal politically, is to educate myself and restore the republic within the GOP by voting in republiCANs who understand Ron Paul's message. The Liberty Movement is seperate from the rEVOLution, though they quest for Ron paul's message to materialize, the rEVOLution is now, for the most part with Rand, and the Loberty Movement is seeking ways to grow, of course reaching out to others is key. But who? Farrakhan has a huge following. I would not be surprized if someone said he voted for Obama. But three days ago, I could'nt honestly say much about Farrakhan from my own inniative or interest. Why you find it desperate and misquided is because the idea I presented strikes fear: False Evidece Appearing Real.

I think the answer, the real answer, is Ron paul would not appear with Farrakhan, and there will never be a reason given. And that's ok too.