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The OP framed it that way --

The OP framed it that way -- granted he/she didn't use "perfect" but the meaning was implied.

I do not think it's about "having and adhering to simple core-principles."

When I got excited about Paul last year, I jumped in, started a meetup group -- not because I wanted to start one, but when I went to find a group to join to help with his campaign, I found 30-something people waiting and no one starting one. I was absolutely not onboard with all the principles of libertarianism. I didn't come around to the foreign policy stuff for a couple months after becoming involved. It took me a great deal of time and research to re-think my positions on several issues. I was sure about enough other things to know that I wanted to work to disseminate Paul's ideas. And I wanted him to be president.

The OP was making the point that folks don't have to buy into the libertarian self-checklist to work for liberty. In my case, I've kept researching and exploring. I came around on foreign policy. But before I did, I managed to find a dozen more committee people to fill vacancies on our county R committee and therefore get enough votes to get us a sleight majority and get us delegates to our state convention. I worked for this before I agreed on one of your supposed litmus tests. I say all this to point out that we are all evolving ideas and to make some little checklist is counterproductive.