Comment: Beck is still a snake

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Beck is still a snake

Recent quote from him about Dr. Paul,

"Quite honestly what Ron Paul wrote yesterday sounds more of the ramblings of Code Pink, the New Black Panthers, or the Westboro Church. I can’t decide which one you’ve gained a membership in – maybe all of them. It’s more the statements of members of one of those organizations than an elder statesman newly retired from office in the service of United States of America."

Divide and conquer much Glen?

What he did to Debra Medina to help his new governor manfriend Perry will always be remembered.

Carl Rove much Glen?

I moniter his radio show and it makes me sick when he invites neo-con "patriots" to move to Texas and be a principled Libertarians like him, he wants to build a Libertarian paradise, sounds like it's a version of disneyland and walmart melded into one insane dystopia where he is the wizard behind the curtain.
he hints at knowledge of Tesla type energy that will be released.

Jim Jones much Glen?

He insults the so called "truthers" because they are bad for the "red team" image. I guess "liars" are better for team advancement.

"birthers" are ridiculous and tarnishing the "team image".
I guess it's better to be a deather.

Yea, you're a principled Libertarian neo-con chicken hawk with Karl Rove pulling one of your strings, best of luck buddy.

Words matter.
Truth and facts rule.
Don't compromise.