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When I first saw...

When I first saw how images could be manipulated via computer software back in the late 1980s I realized that the time would soon come when a person would no longer know what to believe. I remember thinking to myself that a Max Headroom (google that, all you youngsters) type entity could be created that we would be told was the President of the USA and would be indistinguishable from an actual human being when seen on TV. Such a cyber creation could be made to do anything, the ultimate controllable puppet.

Take a look at the photo on pages 72 and 73 of the October 17 1969 LIFE magazine to see cops beating manikins but the caption says they are protesters at Princeton University. In the December 6th 1968 issue of LIFE is the exact same photo and the copy indicates that it is a photo of a protest in Chicago. Sorry but I don't have the page number for that photo.

OK City bombing... Who was John Doe #2? Why were there unexploded bombs in the rubble? Why was the rest of the building destroyed then the architect who designed it said it could easily be restored?

Waco TX... Did the government really murder all those women and children? The FLIR footage sure seems to indicate so.

911... Well I don't need to go on.

How do we know what to believe anymore? The government lies, the MSM lies, the courts are full of crooks and liars, cops are corrupt. It seems like a systematic destruction of what we used to take for granted as "reality." Absent any "reality" anything goes and that is where we are today with BO murdering US citizens without any repercussions.

I don't know the answer.