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its not about a couple of disagreements with Beck

Its about not being able to trust him. Its about him pretty much taking all of Ron Pauls positions and then endorsing Frothy Santorum and then Neocon extrordinaire Shitt Romney. Its about him calling SARAH PALIN the next GEORGE WASHINGTON....or him calling Ron Paul the mayor of crazy town and how supporters are terrorists and the military should be used against us and never apologizing. Its about the obvious and concerted sabotage of Debra Medina's campaign. Or how he supported TARP during the most critical time and after it passed, turned against it. Its about him calling us Facists because we do not trust him.

Glenn Shrek is not our friend. He is a hijacker and a benedict arnold. Mark my words he will turn against the movement as soon as his puppet masters (israel) instruct him to do so, he knows who butters his bread.

"I am Troll fighter, number one"