Comment: Wait! He's a 'conservative' again! lol

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Wait! He's a 'conservative' again! lol

"....On his radio show this week, Beck slammed the WWE for anti-conservative partisanship..."
Now that he sees another way for more publicity he is 'taking on' the WWE to defend conservatives and the tea party from the unfair portrayal of them by wrestling characters. lol
I love this line: ..."They’re tired of this…I’m sick and tired of being miscast. I am sick and tired of it. It is lazy at best. And I certainly am not going to give any more time or my money to any organization that is miscasting, is making it harder for me and my family to stand up for what I believe in.”...
This might have some weight if whatever the hell he and his family 'believed in' didn't change every other day according to what demographic this asshole feels needs a bump. lol
btw, here is the article. I do not see the word libertarian mentioned once, just sayin.