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Comment: Look I understand what you

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Look I understand what you

Look I understand what you are saying but we are a peaceable people and we will not start it we must maintain the moral high ground of non aggression except in self defense. They must start it and we must exhaust every peaceable means first.

We don't want civil war it will be hell on earth ask any combat vet who has seen a war torn country. We don't want that if we can avoid it. We just want to be left the hell alone to live our lives in freedom to laugh to love and enjoy life.

These gatherings are to make a statement that we will not roll over and let liberty and freedom die if the enemies of freedom mean to try and an take it from us as they continue to threaten us and infringe on those freedoms...

We don't want war but if they mean to have one then we will give it to them spades!

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