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It makes one sad, how blinded and uninformed people perceive themselves as superior and smart.

I have to admit, I used to be like that. Not exactly like that, but I was blinded and stupid just as much. Right after 9/11 I was a great supporter of Bush and war in Iraq - something I'm ashamed of, now. I've discovered Ron Paul and the Liberty movement too late, but my worldview changed 100% since then.

This video only shows how much work we all have - spreading the message and giving the other people the "truth pill".

I believe that even this girl could be a fine addition to the cause of liberty, if only she KNEW MORE. If only she saw the truth!

Good news is, after one understands the truth and joins the freedom movement - there is no going back. There is no other alternative, despite all differences we might have - and that gives me great hope.

Converting others, one at a time.