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I see the spelling now.

There are no bloodless revolutions and one that is pending here will not be such. Just look at the Occupy protests and the oppressive reaction they got from the police. They were peaceful.

The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia (then) to me was a "free ride" that occurred after nine years of Polish Marshal state with thousands of Solidarity leaders and participants imprisoned for many months or years after December 13, 1980 - when the Russian Army stood ready to enter and kill on the Eastern border of Poland. And Czechoslovaks died for their freedom in the year of 1968 - when the Soviets entered. There were many bloody resurrections of workers in the Soviet Block from 1945 till the 1989. That makes it 43 years. And see what happened in former Yugoslavia. BLOODY as hell.

So taking this real model from the past, the USA may become free again in 2050 or so.

I know that this article is not about Poland. I was not the one that introduced it to the discussion.

Everyone here is bothered with the mass indifference of Americans to the slow building up of fascism and lack of engagement by the people, save the Ron Paul movement and the Occupy.

I strongly believe that we could learn a lot from knowing the post war history of the Central Europe, and how it achieved its freedom at last. Slowly, and country by country, intensifying the engagement and recognizing that nothing may happen without the SOLIDARITY of people of all economical and social classes. First it was workers alone. Then intellectuals alone.

I strongly believe that, slow as that final success was, it was helped by the totalitarian One Party system that was imposed there by the Soviets in 1945 - everyone easily unified against it, as they were already united in fighting the Germans.

The American two party system is a devilish invention - that date of 2050 as the year for freedom I suggested above may be much too optimistic. Here we are still the pions of the two parties, spilling hatred against each other as if the Civil war has never ended. It is not accidental that no third party has any chance of rising big. Ron Paul was wise to eventually ride the Republican ticket, and so is Rand. Ron Paul had all chance to win in 2012 - were it not for what was done to him by the media and the RNC. As scary as fascism can be. And the process goes on.

Ron Paul ... forever.