Comment: At this point I don't know

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At this point I don't know

At this point I don't know what to believe. I do think that this administration wants to go after our guns. I think they are throwing out a lot of ideas to see which, if any, are actually doable. I see all this talk about another so-called civil war and I seriously wonder sometimes if that might actually be what they want. If the dollar is about to openly die, perhaps they want the masses unarmed before that event takes place. People in this country riot when their favorite sports team loses a game. People in this country riot when their favorite sports team wins a game. They riot when the electricity goes off. The point is that the american people act like animals at the drop of a hat. What are people going to do when there is no food in the grocery stores and no fuel at the gas stations? Perhaps this is why they are pushing for massive gun control, including the talk of gun-confiscation. At this point I think it wise to stock up on every damn thing that we might need if our so-called civilization crumbles. Especially things such as ammo, spare parts, spring kits, components needed for reloading, etcetera. It seems that something is coming and it might get very ugly for awhile. We might need to hunt for food again. Luckily for me, there is an abundance of wild game like deer, here in North Carolina.

Edited to add: When it comes to things such as survival tools, one is none and two are one. You would not want your favorite (or perhaps only) deer rifle to be out of service because you did not have some spare and inexpensive parts on hand. Ask any decent gunsmith what is most likely to break or wear out on your particular gun or guns. And don't just obtain those parts, but print out the repair manuals for everything you have. God bless and keep safe.

Larry in North Carolina
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