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So you think Barrack Obama,

John Mcain, Lyndsey Graham, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Gates' all really believe that they are in a 'war on terror'? And stealing trillions from the us taxpayer (unborn, as well) each year to fight this phony war while scaring the us people into giving away all their rights is just some crazy phenomenon that never took place before? And all this is perfectly normal and altruistic?

Central banking is just some boring way to manage a monetary system I suppose. Secret stealing under the guise of monetary policy is just all jolly good, I guess. Starving out 60 million Iranians until their 'leaders' agree to join the happy world central banking club is fun and hunky dory too.

How about the war on drugs? How many people suffer in cages or have died because of this scam that brings the above list of families untold billions?

Btw, the poster just linked to the article. He did not write it. The writer, Brandon Smith, is a popular contributor to Zero Hedge.

Crack a history book. Humans have been played like pawns for eons by psychopaths. World domination at the expense of hundreds of billions of humans has been the goal of these psychopaths for millennium.