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Hidden lesson

"What a great experience it must have been to have Mr. Gatto as a teacher! …As he taught one to teach oneself and opened the lid off of the flea container so all the students go off in their natural directions."

I managed to stumble over a hidden lesson in that story about the boy with the flea circus. I can ask you to work on it, and if you don't figure it out, then I can offer what I see to you, for discussion. It is not good news, as if the human flea circus was not yet bad enough news.

"What I am asking is: if perception exists, then does anything and everything exist within one’s perception? i.e. whether existence is true regardless of whether the perceived thing is true or not."

There are two things that become obvious to me (perceived by me) as such:

The point is that perception is a tool used to answer any question including the question asking process, does asking a question exist?
Lies are not productive, lies exist but they produce only lies, not things, lies do not produce things, as in: "There is a chair,right there Mrs. Old Blind Lady, sit down." and no chair exists, does that produce something; a broken hip? No chair.

Does Mrs. Old Blind Lady perceive a nice place to sit or is there a way to test for a chair, or no chair, without having to perceive a broken hip?

"Pick something ridiculous. One can breathe water. I can perceive that, so it exists in my perception. But the truth is that if I breathe water I will drown, but that possibility is not within my false perception, so drowning is not a reality to me."

The place we were at before we when elsewhere had to do with lies being productive, and now I'm not sure where you are going. Your words were along the lines of proving that anything can exist? Now I am confused.

"One who is in Christ is present with the Lord when their body dies."

I am getting past being jealous, and it is good that someone is saved, if not me.