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You are telling me that it is impossible for my sister to be good friends with someone who has a brother that lives in Newtown CT? Long Island is only a short drive to CT...look at a freakin map. Not possible, right? God forbid someone went against your narrow minded views...somehow I missed your documentary that details all of the truthful events of Sandy Hook. Forgive me for being naive.

I don't have to prove myself to you or anyone else. I don't come here to DP to post contrived BS, and I am certainly not making any of this up.

I would have never even brought this up had you not first posted derogatory comments from the beginning. Is this how to respond to every person you have never met before? And just for stating that I am unsure as to what really happened at Sandy Hook? You know nothing about me, my ethics and morals. So for you to come here and blast me for my initial non-committal statement is ludicrous. Maybe you need a vacation?

Short sighted people like yourself who insist that their own righteousness prevails over everyone else is pathetic at best.