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"Fine, but if you wished to make a difference, you will

oftentimes find yourself confronted by a leader who doesn't measure up to the stick you stuck in the ground."

Sad state of affairs but no reason to lower my bar.. We have way better people that will come along.

"Your anyone-who-doesn't-agree-hook-line-and-sinker attitude will leave you unable to work with people"

I don't have that "nobody will do" attitude.. I do however have an "only certain types will do" attitude.

There are more than a few people as I eluded to a few times in this thread that would satisfy my Liberty level.

"many of whom think evolving ideas are supercool and distrust folks who got all their ideas 30 years ago and have never grown wiser."

We're not inventing the wheel here.. it has already been done. If I was right and YOU have come over to my idea of foreign policy, reluctantly I might add, why on earth would I need to evolve my idea..

That seems silly to assert that I need to evolve my ideas when my ideas were right all along.

Maybe if more of "people like you" were less about being reeds in the wind, learned your history and formed ideas based on solid research instead of opinion, you might be a little more on solid ground.

I'm confident in what I believe, I need not change it and if people like yourself are gravitating towards it.. well duh.

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