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I completely forgot

about the aviation aspect of their lives. The auto gyro was an amazing contraption with the lift blade being totally unpowered. The postal service actually used it for rooftop take offs in cities. I'm fairly sure I've read the following in "The Smithsonian". Pitcarin designed the blade that every helicopter in creation uses. He solved the problem of the blade torque pushing on one side and pulling on the other which caused the machine to flip over. The government saw fit to assist a gentleman named Sikorsky to copy the mechanism to undercut Pitcarin's patent on the blade equalizer. The case was finally settled in favor of Pitcarin in the 80's.
Ironically his air field in Horsham became the Willow Grove Naval Air Station which is now used just for reserve training. I remember many times as a youth going there during open houses to view the Blue Angels as they preformed. During those days the base was incredibly busy. They no longer hold open houses, the last one held featured a kid getting into a jet fighter and releasing the ejection seat with the canopy closed. Quite a mess.

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