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Comment: Welcome home :)

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Welcome home :)

His person = The man named Barack Obama occupying that office.

Huh? I am of the opinion FROM MY STUDY that "His person" is the certificate - the ALL CAP entity.

the man named Barack Obama

Does a man have a name or a calling?

Is that a man if it's been named... or is it a slave? Who had the power to name it... ultimately? (certainly not mom and dad as far as our 'legal' system is concerned.)

Hint: "legal" basically means "the plantation." The plantation however has taken over our entire country and has even offered so many wonderful amenities that our people have lost the ability to live independent of it....I cannot live on a plantation. If this is a "radical" statement then REMOVE 'freedom' from the national anthem. If I execute a court of record I'll get you to go one way or the other. Silence is acquiescence.

I am not a name, title or designation. I may possess some of those things from time to time if I choose to... however it's been quite some time since using anything other than the name I choose to call myself.

My "calling" is vincent.