Comment: I'm a vegan/vegetarian

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I'm a vegan/vegetarian

and am alarmed at all the negativity here for something that is very much in line with our principles. I am a vegan because of the morality of the current situation.

How can we justifiably eat meat and animal products when we know full well the conditions that these animals live in. It's atrocious. And how many of you actually kill your own meat? There is such a detachment from where our food comes from that we have lost our connection to food. If you can't plunge a knife into a living thing and watch it die, then I don't think you deserve to eat it's meat.

I am also so disgusted with the promotion of the Primal Diet amongst our ranks. Mark Sisson has pecuniary motives with pushing his diet, and all of you should be just as skeptical of his diet, as you should the one our government promotes. I am thankful to him, because the primal diet was a stepping stone for me in the right direction of thinking about my health..but that's where it ends.

These animals are pumped full of antibiotics and they are living in completely inhumane conditions. I have no doubt that consuming them and their byproducts will lead to disease and lower standard of health, as long as the average living conditions do not improve. It's time we take a long hard look at ourselves, and make some tough decisions in other parts of our lives.