Comment: Wow... seriously? Nothing?

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Wow... seriously? Nothing?

Americans are such pussies... and they think they're going to succeed in some kind of armed 1776 revolution.

They don't even have the courage to answer a few simple questions. It's amazing on some of these posts I watch REALLY important information that REALLY locks it down for people - which side ARE YOU ON?

If you're sitting there in FEAR not wanting to get involved in a REAL discussion about RIGHTS - You GET WHAT YOU DESERVE... and... you're ON THEIR SIDE. What side? The COMMIE side!

...but DAMNNIT - I've worked my arse of for 20 something years trying prevent an overwhelming force. I'm not an entirely immovable object all by myself... someone please wade in here and jump in this foxhole with me?

Either you're free or you're a slave. The silent ones (who are normally outspoken on most issues) are the slaves.