Comment: I agree with her about oath keepers.

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I agree with her about oath keepers.

If I could find one handful of oath keepers, currently IN OFFICE... who will actually refuse to follow unlawful orders - IN PRACTICE - which means UNCONSTITUTIONAL ones... which means ALL drug "laws" which do not include harm or injury...

We're FREE damnit! That's why you can't TELL US WHAT TO DO!

When are these SERVANTS going to get that thru their skulls? What will it take? The people who develop the training programs need to be tried and hung for treason... that would be a good start.

I'm starting to believe in capital punishment again... if not for the fact that I can't think of any other effective solution. Let's all just burn in hell together shall we?

What the hell is going on!?? Can't these people read a simple contract? Okay fine they don't read it I get that much.... but when you point it out to them... hey you agreed to this if you do something against that agreement it's TREASON... then they just beat you down, taze you, kill you or drag you through a multi-year mega-thousand dollar court catastrophe win or lose...