Comment: No, You Excuse-Making Collectivist Twit...

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No, You Excuse-Making Collectivist Twit...

...He has clearly made comments that prove he is fundamentally stupid, or duplicitous, reference our founding, about what the founders knew that constituted a militia and the simple and unassailable fact that Amendment II was enumerated to preserve the right of the people to keep and bear arms of military equivalency with the express intent to ensure that 'the people' had the means to overthrow a tyrannical government if it ever became necessary.

He flat-out stated that he wants to remove so called 'assault weapons.

He stated that the 'people' are far too violent, are angry at government and may revolt (gee whiz, wonder if THAT was ever envisioned at the time of our founding and during the development of the Bill of Rights).

He has flat out stated that Amendment II is no longer necessary or relevant, because, as he stupidly or duplicitous states, we have a 'well-regulated militia' now, which we did not have (LMAO) at the time of our founding.

He flatly states that this well-regulated militia that constitutes and meets the intention of Amendment II consists of the armed federal government military, the armed federal government controlled national guard, the armed state police and the armed local police.

You continue to shine light on what you really are and what your underlying beliefs are. I would assess that you are stupid by some of your statements and defenses, but it is clear that you are defending (albeit you are trying to cover that defense a bit by feigning ignorance and non-clarity) his clearly advocated beliefs.

One cannot but conclude that you do not oppose those beliefs and his advocated positions related to the fundamental right to keep and bear arms, the role of government and Amendment II itself.

It is crystal-clear to ANY man of even marginal reading comprehension ability and a modicum of simple, basic assessment skills.

It adds up to exposure....of you.