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Non-sense and deflection.

You're just not capable of having a logical, rational discussion. You have the last word... which is virtually guaranteed to be "utter nonsense" of course...

Not to be further reduced to your level... truth be told... a handful of folks contacted me... we discussed what we'd like to see in a "libertarian community" and I then referred them to the man selling the land. I made $0.00 for my services. They are Daily Paul members so I'm sure they'd be screaming bloody murder if I screwed them over.

It's almost like you're here to do psycho-analysis on all the rest of us. You're certainly not after any truth... that's been made abundantly clear to me here and in so many other exchanges with you.

You're just one of these lost souls who puts people in the "asshole" column. That guy... I'm gonna just be an asshole to him whenever I see him. I myself am getting a little tired of all the assholes... especially the ones that have million plus listeners/viewers on a regular basis.

...I wonder why some still wonder why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. You could be a posterboy "rp4prez" too bad you gotta stain that nickname with such an unforgiving personality.