Comment: There are always naysayers.

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There are always naysayers.

I find that the most vocal of the naysayers and messenger attackers really have little to say that is positive. While I have philosophical disagreements with many politicians, pundits, talking heads, and entertainers, I also understand that it will take more than what remains of my lifetime to turn this nation to a path of liberty.

I also know that my understanding of liberty is different from that of my neighbor. My idea of good potential representatives in all levels of government will differ from that of my friends.

Will I accept allies where I find them? Yes!

Will I agree with these allies very often? Unlikely!

Do I still ally myself with them where I agree with them? Damn straight!

Do I denigrate them because I disagree with them on other points or because I disliked one opinion or another in the past? No! I disagree with the point. I do not hate the person.