Comment: I know nothing about Rubio--

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I know nothing about Rubio--

but only one person on that 'list' has attacked Ron Paul regularly--

only one person on there is openly distrusted by Dr. Paul--

Glenn Beck.

I know there are many who say that Beck 'led' them to Ron Paul, but I know a lot of loyal Beck 'followers' who are almost afraid of anyone who listens to Ron Paul--

I'm afraid the bad he does has outweighed the good. He's too contradictory.

I have never criticized any of those other people; I have watched Rand Paul; I don't know why he has done everything he has done, but I watch him and give him a lot of leeway--

as for the others, I admire them all--

even Ventura, even Kucinich. I don't care if they are anti-Republican or are 'progressive' in other ways; if they have been civil to Dr. Paul and seem concerned about the constitution, I give them some credence.

But Glenn Beck? No; he's too confused. And confusing.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--