Comment: Was not "bloodless"

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Was not "bloodless"

I have helped do breast reduction surgery on JW patients, who did well without any transfusion. Thing is, the use of blood collected in this manner, has been going on for over twenty years!

This behavior, of some religions, is called legalism. Since JW cannot deal with the fact that they are not drinking or eating blood, it should not apply in this situation. Yet, they pick and choose which "laws" they will adhere to. Man-made laws, created above what God is saying, are made by people! I would trust my God more than other "believers". Many sects still believe Jesus turned water into grape juice. That is not how it translates in Greek.

People, who want to know the "truth" according to God should "study to make themselves approved". It is just too easy to take another man's word for it and not study. "Spoon fed" Christians are maintaining an ignorant stance.

You non-believers are free to ignore my rant. I am talking to believers of Christianity, here.