Comment: I'm only opposed to goverment

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I'm only opposed to goverment

I'm only opposed to goverment that has power over the people, instead of government where people have the power.

In a republican form of government, the governments power is only titular. The People hold the real power. The government would be free to enact any law they wanted to. When an Individual was brought before the people for trial, the people would decide upon the Law, not a group of 9 judges who were a part of the very government who had created the law to begin with.

A jury of 12 peers would not only decide if I had violated a statute, but they would also decide if the statute was just. If only ONE of those 12 disagreed with the statute, then there would be no conviction. Only the most obvious of laws (rape, murder, theft, ect.) would likely stand up to such a jury. Any law found to be just by all 12, would be enacted equal the same on the 12.

It is unlikely that corporate immunity could exist under such a system. It is unlikely that an individual would be punished failure to submit to government confiscation under such a system. It is likely that widely accepted free market code of conduct would be enforced under such system.

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