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The only milk allowed to have

The only milk allowed to have that crap in it are the milks you will find from the grocery store that has been pasteurized and homogenized. Raw milk does not tolerate ANY blood or pus. Pasteurization was invented to enable dairies to be run inside of cities. Cows were kept indoors, fed corn-based feed, and lived in their own shit. Filthy operations. In my opinion that milk can't even be called milk after being pasteurized and homogenized. It's just processed cow juice. You're just as likely or more likely to get sick from that cow juice than from raw milk. Stay away from any raw milk that doesn't employ an open-pasture and let the cows eat grass. It's humane for the cows and the end product is just better because of that, they are eating what they're supposed to eat, and they're getting sunlight. Vitamin D is added into cow juice because the cows are kept inside, while raw milk has Vitamin D from the cows made by sunlight.

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