Comment: Making freedom popular in Popular Entertainment arena

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Making freedom popular in Popular Entertainment arena

The movement is on Island Earth Music in Louisville.

Immortal Technique would be a great addition to IEM's line up of former mainstream commercial recording label artists, such as members of Nappy Roots, Villebillies, Code Red, and others. In addition to those on the IEM team with professional experience in the recording industry is a group of rising young talents such as Elephant Room whose debut album "Dumbo's Circus" on IEM is a must have for anyone who is sick of the left dominating the hip-hop soapbox to popularize left-wing issues.
(Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Buy a copy and in the message box tell them Daily Paul sent you.)

Immortal Technique would just add even more weight to an organization that is positioning itself with heavy hitters to become a musical powerhouse for the movement.

Evidenced by the upcoming release of the band Iron Bells debut album, , Island Earth Music is not for hip-hop artists only. Artists in the genres of Jordan Page, Rebel Inc., Golden State, etc. should also take a look at IEM.

I'm not on much these days but when I am I will probably do a lot of plugging for r3volutionaries projects in the popular entertainment arena, such as IEM music project and the Silver Circle film project. Any help spreading the word, from folks like you LL, would be greatly appreciated.