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I would give the same advice: Do Not Make Your Decision from a Place of Fear.

As Tony Robbins says in his book "Awaken the Giant Within", one of the first things they teach race-car drivers is to LOOK (i.e. to FOCUS) where they want the car (YOUR LIFE) to go.

Watch SharkTank and see how many people are chasing their dreams.
Search for the Mark Cuban interview on Howard Stern and listen to how his passion made him.
Listen to the Joe Rogan podcast ( and listen to the stories the guests bring - they are people who don't pay attention to all the fear - they're too busy chasing their dreams.

You think Ron & Rand are preparing for disaster? Absolutely not. Don't buy into the End of the World crap.

3 Steps I would Take:

1) Put down whatever source material is preaching fear.
2) Get back to what you love doing - get lost in the process, never mind trying to "make it happen"
3) When you're doing what you love - follow your impulses. They may not be logical - but they get you where you want to be if you follow them ONLY WHEN YOU FEEL THAT PASSION COURSING THROUGH YOU. (If you're filled with FEAR and you follow Impulses, they lead you to more FEAER-based scenarios)

Dana White, head of the UFC says in his interview with Joe Rogan that at 19 years old, after being a bell-hop at a hotel in Boston for a few years - he couldn't take it anymore. He quit that job thinking "F* this - I gotta be in the fight game." The draw to his passion was too much to bear anymore. And by some "lucky" happenstance, he ended up becoming a part of this new "fight scene" at the ground level.

Forget about logically thinking "they're all fear-based directors, so i'll be the voice of positivity." Stop focusing on them.

Why do you want to be a director?
What kinds of movies do you LOVE?
What kinds of ideas would YOU want to see in a movie?

Keep the focus 100% on making movies YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE, leave other people out of it.

That's what Quentin Tarrantino did.
Same with Spielberg. (at least in the beginning of his career)

Here's the litmus test for your movies: Do they give YOU goosebumps?

It's like a comedian who thinks about his act too logically - it's not INSPIRED.
Write a set that makes YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF - that's the formula for a Great Set.

Give yourself GOOSEBUMPS; they are contagious.