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Comment: I just got an email from Steve Bierfeldt (you may remember from

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I just got an email from Steve Bierfeldt (you may remember from

Ron's campaign) who is now the Executive Director of the IOWA GOP that they need just $914 to finish this off, so he can tell Tom that this is a go!

If you can donate, please do!

Here is the text of the email:

"Thank you so much for your generosity thus far to the Iowa GOP's first ever "Freedom on Tour" with Tom Woods.
Because of your help we are only $914 away from reaching our goal!
I'm planning on calling Tom Woods sometime in the next few days to go over plans for the first event.
I'd like to tell him, "Yes! The event is a Go." But I need to ensure we've secured the funding first.
Will you help us reach our goal TODAY with a small additional contribution of $30, $25 or even $15?
We're so close to reaching our objective that I'd like to move forward so we have sufficient time to plan.
I just have to make sure we've met our required expenses.
Please consider a small additional donation so we can confirm this event TODAY.
Thank you so much.
Defending Limited Government,
Steve Bierfeldt
Executive Director"

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