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You don't need to go back and

You don't need to go back and look up the flea info from Gatto, I can do that. I plan on relistening to him again because I would imagine that I will hear new things the 2nd time thru.

I saw that about Andrew's "brains falling out," That was the writer's opinion. I still found his life fascinating. You had mentioned his sacrifice for the freeing slaves and I found that info in that piece.

On the Tragedy and Hope web page I linked. That is their YouTube Channel and each of those links brings up a different video in the main player. On the side there is a list of videos one can choose from as well. It was under one of the Café samples that I found them talking about the way their organization works.

“so I'm more and more FED up with the whole "men are bad" routine, it is so yesterday for me.”

• Luke 18:19 KJV
And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.

Good is perhaps a perception that exists in the eye of the beholder?
“The creator power, or God, creates things that exist in boxes, or brackets, so who is to say if there are creations so small that they are whole universes alive and well, smaller than zillion times a zillion times a zillion times smaller than the stuff we mere humans can measure and we could, theoretically, be able to fit everything we know inside a world were living things are so large that our whole universe can't even be seen by them.”

Makes me think of this:

Makes me also think of the debt clock you often link around 3 minutes give or take.

I was very wordy last week, I was recouping from the flu and got several threads going. If you will tell me what to concentrate on I can do that.