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Comment: While the MRSA was the cause of death

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While the MRSA was the cause of death

on the Death Certificate there were other much more disturbing factors at play. Read my response below as to individuals waiting too late to respond to the government. The political establishment here is an incestuous mix of local government with fire companies and ambulance companies supporting them. My wife suffered a massive coronary arrest and died in my arms. I immediately began CPR and at the same time was trying to get the ambulance crew to my home using the phone. There is nothing like a 911 operator telling you to calm down while you are trying to save your other half from death. To make a long tragic story short, I had her heart pumping but the hour and a half it took the ambulance to get her to the hospital proved too much for her brain. She was pronounced brain dead and I was forced to make the decision to watch her die again. I watched as she succumbed to the fluids building up in her lungs from the MRSA, it took two months. That's where a lawsuit would be appropriate but will it bring her back? One other mitigating factor was what caused the coronary, she was anorexic.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.