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Comment: I would rather have David Duke

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I would rather have David Duke

as a speaker for the Liberty Movement, Farrakhan is not for Liberty. I will agree he does speak the truth on some subjects, the Fed, Zionism, and the such, but he is a Black Nationalist. I'm not saying I want David Duke as the speaker, but at least he speaks truth to Liberty, and really doesn't play the race game like he once was affiliated with. He only points out the facts about how the White Europeans created much of the prosperity in the world most every race has benefited in some way or another, and how the Zionist Rothschild Cartel is using different race factions to eliminate the white population. Being he was made the poster child for racism by the Zionist controlled media when he gained traction as a Congressman, he can never be a leader. Most have seen how Pat Buchanan pointed out much of the same facts in his last book, that got him fired at MSNBC, even though he used a more PC method. The major difference between Duke and Farrakhan is, that Duke is a Christian who want people to wake up to the Zionist matrix they have been manipulated by and use non-violent resistence and justice to solve the dillema, Farrakhan on the other hand, not because he' Muslim, would condone a violent overthrow of all white people if the blacks had the numbers. In reality, Farrakhan is either controlled opposition or a foolish victim of the same people he claims to be against.