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Being paleo led me to being libertarian

... not the other way around.

Once you learn that almost everything the government has told you about nutrition is wrong (and is actually making you sicker), you start questioning other government edicts which are supposedly "for our own good".

I take pains to get my meat from local farmers who treat their animals humanely. So that should be that complaint off the table.

Also, no clinical studies have shown that meat causes any kind of cancer. Plenty of observational studies which group pepperoni pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages as "red meat" claim to find a weak link between meat and cancer, but it's plain to see that all of those foods are eaten with a big dose of white bread. Of course, it can't be the refined wheat in the bread that causes cancer, for heaven sake our study was funded by the USDA! Let's blame the meat instead.

Follow the money yourself. In fact, recent clinical research has shown that natural animal fats and proteins are actually protective against heart disease and cancer.