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Well, this is not at all

Well, this is not at all automatically the same issue as the man-made climate change. I, of course, agree that what human beings do have effects to the environment. For example different poisons and nuclear waste are of course highly damaging to the environment and especially to the living beings, but this is not the same issue as the CO2 connected man-made climate change.

I agree with you that "each person needs to take care of the planet to his/her best ability". But what does this mean is another question. What people think as taking care of the planet is not automatically at all the same thing as REALLY taking care of the planet. Is the reducing the carbon emissions according to you part of the solution to take care of the planet? The people who believe in the man-made climate change of course think that this is crucial for taking care of the planet, but others (scientists) think actually exactly the opposite that the more there is CO2 in the atmosphere the better and also that CO2 increase does not correlate to the warming of the planet the way the theory of anthropogenic climate change claims.

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