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"Did you listen to AJ interview Tech?"

I did not, do you think I should?

I was just wondering. He seems to be one of the rebels. I find it interesting that AJ was interviewing him. He speaks very calmly and is on the Pink side and I feel abit bewildered, tho not seeing red. I am seeing a lot of grey and it doesn’t make sense to me. Do you know about Liberation Theology? That term was thrown around either by the guy speaking about apartheid on the Tragedy and Hope site or by the guy on there on the AJ show, or maybe both were.
"Please look and find the one constant in all that fighting if you would be so kind and generous with your time."

I see 2 things constant: Rebels and the Dollar Hegemony.

But what I do not know is the definition of Rebels, because it seems to me that Rebels can be funded by the Dollar Hegemony so as to cause a fight that can be won by the Dollar Hegemony.
Jeff and I had a conversation about Castro this morning. He a professor who was a pastor who had been imprisoned by Castro. The man’s message was to use your freedom wisely because it is not so everywhere. In other words, the lid can be very close to the bottom of the container and the container can be broken into cells that are very small and narrow.

Jeff also spoke to the fact that Havana had been a place to go and gamble and Las Vegas was on the horizon…we are not sure how all of that played into the cards there in Cuba, but Batista, was a very not a nice person either. Jeff kind of said that Cuba was run by Thugs. That is about it on my information regarding Cuba. I suppose when we closed the Ports of Cuba it caused a lot of suffering for the people. Did we close those ports so people would go to Las Vegas instead? I see dots. Anyways, I am looking at wiki now. Looks like Batista was a rebel as well because installed himself as dictator. But he was friends with the American mafia.

Makes me think of puzzle pieces again. There are so many bad ones. And of all sorts and shapes. And I am afraid because people are talking about taking up arms here and I have a rather roomy cage and it is warm and comfortable and I am not hungry and neither are my children. What if some rebels funded by the Dollar Hegemony win and they are worse than the ones in charge now. And what if it is all set up that way to happen on purpose?

“Castro is in between The Dollar Hegemony and some of the worlds best doctors in Cuba, and those doctors are famous for charity work.”
Why are the world’s best doctors in Cuba, and who gets to use them? And then there is that Bay of Pigs thing where we did not help the people that wanted over throw Castro. I thought those were the good guys that we[not me & you] left swimming in their own blood after drawing them out. I just know when rebels take over a lot of people get killed and there are people like me who love God and whose husband is a pastor who get the stinky end of the stick as if we are the cause of the problem. But maybe in a way we are, because the criminals are on “our watch,” and we are too stupid to know it. Really I am concerned about my own skin, but I realize there are those that suffer all over the world. And, I will rest in God if that time comes for me.
Jeff’s mom has always said that we should be able to go to Cuba. I never bothered to ask why. I just figured she was a bit on the non-republican side. I should ask more questions instead of pre-judging in my mind. I might just learn something. After all she has seen 81 years and I have only seen close to 50. She believed Obama's promises...before this election she said they were all crooks. I tried to tell her about Ron Paul. She said he was senile. She enjoys the Latin American people. She speaks Spanish and is a travel agent and likes to go to the non-tourist spots. Her traveling days are probably over though. I am running at the mouth. I am sorry.