Comment: Open Carry in Ohio

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Open Carry in Ohio

There is no "Open Carry Law" in Ohio... the Ohio Revised Code does not authorize, prohibit, or otherwise regulate the open carry of firearms on foot. Open Carry of a handgun or long gun is protected across Ohio by virtue of ORC 9.68 which preempts any municipal laws prohibiting the act. There is no requirement of residency or license to carry openly in Ohio - however, you must be legally in possession of the firearm that you intend to carry. It is recommended that you be at least 18 to carry a long gun, and 21 for handguns.

Important! You may not carry a "loaded" handgun in a motor vehicle in Ohio without a recognized Concealed Handgun License. The definition of "loaded" in Ohio means you must have no ammunition in the gun, and no ammunition in a compatible magazine or speedloader anywhere in the vehicle.

Looks like someone should educate the police. Since the police couldn't ask for a CCL or residency, asking for a social security number is bizarre. I can't think of a reason police would ask for a social security number. Although it is private property, it is open to the public, I don't know how this comports with the law.