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Comment: I hope parents read this re Education

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I hope parents read this re Education

From the blog: "They [kids] understand that they’re expected to conform, to sit quietly and not bother the teacher, to answer questions correctly rather than creatively, to assemble rather than to invent. And they sense, rightly, that they’re being prepared to serve the great monster—"

To prepare students to serve the great monster is, indeed, the ignoble goal of America's education system. It's an issue that came to mind recently after I read and posted here a NYTimes article on gym class now including academic lessons, just the latest trivial attempt to fix a crumbling facade, when the problem is the lack of a worthy foundation: "Maybe it's time to stop viewing children as a means to an end altogether, as future workers being prepared to meet the needs of government and corporations."

Thank you for the post ProudAmericanFirst.

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