Comment: I am an Oathkeeper

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I am an Oathkeeper

As are my sons,and my daughters. First may I say, sorry for the loss of your Wife. I know the pain and anger you are feeling. Sir i must rise to defend what i can only say, is ignorance of what you think we are about. Oathkeeper's are growing in leaps and bounds. The more the tyrannical GOV,push's,the more our ranks enlarge.We cannot,be present to protect someones,"rights in a traffic problem" this is not what were about,yes we are all about the constitution,but son, there are allot bigger fish to fry,on a national scale. rp4pres,listed the ten unlawful orders.I'm sorry son,but your traffic problems or DUI, isn't one of them. The TYRANNY will come for us first,make no mistake of that.This we know and prepare for.On that Day,only God Himself,will know the out come. Once again sorry for you're loss.