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Creating Boatloads of Money Out-Of-Thin-Air

I have all the graphs needed. And with very little effort (googling) you can too. Govt. It's all due to inflating the currency. Unlimited money creation after leaving the gold standard. The video is spot on. It can't cover the entire story in a couple minutes. Prices should be going down. The industrial age provided goods and wealth at continually declining prices. Wages went up too b/c output per individual went up. Not good for aristocracy and hierarchy. What were the elites to do when the working class was able to live easily and without being controlled by monied interests? So, government became the tool to destroy and transfer excess wealth from technology. Hence never-ending wars, a war on drugs, and ever-increasing size and budget of govt. Very effective at destroying excess wealth.

Money creation out of thin air (fractional reserve banking and Federal Reserve) did the rest of the job of transferring the remaining wealth from the working class and the middle class up to the ruling class. Problem solved. It's not rocket science. Check inflation graphs, money supply graphs, government debt graphs, stock market and housing prices graphs, prison spending, war/military spending, all from the turn of the century till today. And check the income increases in the last forty years of the 1% compared to all other groups. An unbelievably giant spike occurs at the 1971 mark. You have to see it with your eyes to believe it. I'll give you a head start. Do it!