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Comment: Everything is Backward, what is going on?

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Everything is Backward, what is going on?

What is going on? I come to Daily Paul to read posts from people who question everything to be verified rather than simply living in absolutes and obeying. And somehow the topic that seems to vanquish all reasoning isn't anything about politics or law... it is about food??

All through government-funded public school and up to state-funded college my nutrition classes have been telling me to eat lots of meat, dairy, eggs, or whichever of the Big Agri is funding the course. The teachers never knew a lick of nutritional information, they just regurgitated what was in the books, praising everything Big Agri is throwing onto our plates.

It doesn't matter if it's grains or meat that's in question, EVERYTHING the gov-backed big corps are throwing at us is garbage to eat. Reading through these comments make me sick to my mental stomach because it's obvious we've fallen for the divide and conquer technique that's worked on us for so long on everything.

Go ahead and argue about Pepsi vs Coke, Google+ vs Facebook, or Big Agri grains vs Big Agri meat - those of us who can see, let us live by example and hope that is enough to get past these tricks.

Remember, an ounce of respect will be returned to you in many pounds.
Good luck!